Show Results

So far - this year has been very cold, snowy and wet!! Not fun for horse showing outdoors. However, here is a quick update as of February 14th, 2010 of who will be going to PONY FINALS 2010. Ceci and Rollingwoods Sticky Situation made a clean sweep of the small/medium ponies at the Cupid Classic as well as winners of the pony hunter classic! Blue Jay and Ceci D'amore qualified for pony finals in the medium greens the first possible weekend. I don't know who is more excited!! Kirsten, Ceci, or the pony??!! Blue Jay got to go home for Christmas and is still on Boot Camp vacation! Angela and Claudia Pollex are both qualified for the USEF pony medal. Angela has also qualified her pony Knock My Soxs Off, as well as a CF owned pony, Gayfield's Divine Design (the pair pictured at left), while in Ohio showing at the Andrews Osborne Academy... where I attended the 7th and 8th grade! Special thanks to Cari, Leylan and Eve Gleeson for taking great care of our ponies for 3 weeks!
The first annual Harmon Challenge was held at Latta March 21-22, 2009. Although freezing cold in the morning, at least it didn't rain, and Sunday was beautiful. All the kids and ponies were great!! The highlight of the weekend was Claudia Pollex and Rollingwoods Unequaled (AKA Linny - the pair are pictured on the right). Out of at least 12 in the short stirrup hunters and SS equitation, Claudia entered 5 jumping classes on Linny each day and won them all - yes they won 10 over fences classes in 2 days including the 11&under eq. too. The pair won 12 blue ribbons in all for the weekend and champion both days. Congratulations Claudia!

Special congratulations goes out to our other champion ribbon winner Alcia MacCaull and her pony Heavenly Micah for being champion in the cross rails equitation their second time jumping at a show!

I could not be happier with the start of our 2009 show season. Angela Pollex qualified her pony Knock My Soxs Off (Remy) for 2009 USEF Pony Finals being reserve (although tied for Champion) at the Aiken Winter Classic II AA show. She is also qualified for the USEF Pony Medal (which she has won on her pony Remy as well as October Sky). Angela has received a tri-color ribbon at all 3 A shows she has shown Remy in since she moved up to the large ponies. Congrats Angela. Gabi was also reserve champion on her pony October Sky at the RMI A show at Aiken in December. Ceci was Champion on BOTH her ponies at the Aiken Winter Classic I show. She was champion on Blue Jay in the childrens ponies (his first A show) and champion on Essie is the 11 and under!
To begin with - I need a bigger show results page!

Challenger Farms had GREAT year end horse shows (PSJ and PHJA) and almost all CF kids and ponies will receive year end awards! To begin with Gabi was 3rd in the PSJ pony medal finals on October Sky, 2nd at the PHJA pony medal finals on Beaverwoods Robyn, and 6th in the PHJA horse medal finals - her first time showing Comic Gold. Gabi was also pony hunter champion on October Sky at the PSJ year end show and finished 4th for the year in 15-17 equitation in PHJA. Alexandra Holloway and her horse In the Running were Champion BOTH days at PSJ year end, were 7th in the classic at PHJA year end, and finished up 3rd for the year in walk-trot for PHJA with very minimal showing! Alycia MacCaull and Heavenly Micah finished up 2nd for the year in walk-trot for PHJA and were 3rd in the WT classic!! Rounding out the top, winning walk-trot for PHJA for the year is our pony Zoe (AKA A Rider's Dream) ridden by Makayla Ryder, Makayla also finished 2nd in the classic at year end with a tri-color on day two. Savannah Kumpe received tri-colors both days at PHJA year end aboard Symphony. She was Champion WTC day one, Reserve WTC day two, 2nd in the WTC Classic, and Reserve Champion in x-rails for the weekend and 4th in the classic. Savannah also finished up 4th in WTC for the year in PHJA. Angela also rode Symphony at PHJA year end to 6th in the Pleasure Classic on Sunday. Special Congratulations to Angela and her pony Knock My Soxs Off for finishing 4th in the PSJ pony medal finals, 7th in the PHJA pony medal finals and winning the PHJA pony hunters for the year! Olivia Andretti was Champion aboard Joy-Ride in the SS Equitation division at PHJA year end, and also finished 7th in the SS Classic. Claudia Pollex finished 2nd in the short stirrup classic aboard Rollingwood's Unequaled and also finished up 6th for the year in SS for PHJA. Special thanks to Rollingwood's farm for leasing her! What a great accomplishment for showing the pony for the first time in July this year. Claudia also won the Pleasure Challenge at year end, allowing her to win PHJA pleasure for the year aboard her pony Long Acre Wedding Ring. The pair also finished 3rd in the SS Classic and were Reserve champion in the SS hunters for the weekend at PHJA and finished 4th overall for PHJA in the SS Hunters. Ceci D'Amore joined us for the PSJ year end aboard her ponies Blue Jay and My Heart Forever. They had a great weekend - Blue Jay was Champion in SS and My Heart Forever was Reserve Champion (Blue Jay also finished 2nd in PHJA for the year in the SS hunters, and Ceci finished 3rd in both the SS Eq. and 11 & under for the year). Caroline Tucker and her horse Ivy finished 5th in the pre-childrens classic at PHJA year end, and finished 3rd for the year in PHJA. Ivy was also Jenn's pleasure ride for the year and finished 4th in PHJA for the year. Finishing out the year, Jess and Gwennie made their debut in the jumpers and finished 3rd in the Micro Prix! That was fun! There were several other classic ribbons won, and tri-colors won, and year end awards for PHJA, but we will post those later (maybe after the banquet!!)

The last two shows we went to were local one day shows. We sure took a crew of kids, ponies, horses and parents. In attendence were: Alexandra Holloway and In the Running, Alycia MacCaull and Heavenly Micah at CHF and Rollingwood's L's Angel at PEC, Savannah Kumpe and Symphony, Ceci D'Amore with Blue Jay and My Heart Forever, Claudia Pollex with Rollingwood's Unequaled and Longacre Wedding Ring, Olivia Andretti and Woodland's Blessing, Caroline Tucker and Ivy (CHF only), and Angela Pollex and Knock My Soxs Off. Special thanks to Jess for all her help too! Cedar Hill was so great I cannot even remember what everyone did, many were champion or reserve in one, two, and even three separate divisions. We attended Providence Equestrian Center's show the following weekend, where their pony, (previously Challenger Farms 'Queen' of the barn) "Challenger's Never More Lovely" made her show debut with Jennifer aboard. She jumped right around her little x-rail course and won the green hunter u/s.
There is not enough room (or time) before we leave for the USEF Pony Finals to tell about the success we had at the Tryon show Aug 9-10. To begin with, Gabi was the best assistant EVER and we could not have gotten 8 ponies to the ring with as little stress as we did. EVERYONE won at least one blue ribbon and most were champion or reserve one if not both days. Congratulations to Caroline and Ivy for winning the hack both days (I have only waited a year for that!) and the pair were also pre-child eq. reserve champion. Alexandra and her new horse In the Running were Champion in Walk-Trot, she also shared her horse with Arianna for the x-rail hunter division and he was champion there as well. Thanks to Angela for letting Savannah show Minnie, the pair were champion in WTC day one and reserve day two. Claudia was Champion on Rollingwoods Unequaled in the SS Hunters on Friday - her first time showing the pony, as well as won the hack day two. Claudia was reserve champion on her pony Longacre Wedding Ring Sunday. Ceci D'Amore was SS eq. reserve champion on Friday and Champion in the SS hunters on Saturday on her pony Blue Jay. Angela won the PHJA pony medal aboard her pony Knock My Soxs off. If I forgot anyone I am sorry. We are OFF TO PONY FINALS! See you in a week!
This past week (July 22-25) we went to Conyers for the first time. I am not a fan of going places I have never been, but thanks to Beth at Providence I have been branching out. So we took 4 bay large pony geldings and had fun and did well. About one of the toughest shows we have been to, the kids ribboned or jogged in most classes and it was a great prep for pony finals. The star of the week was Firecracker. He was a true gentleman in his 2 year old breeding class and I even rode him at the show too!
Everyone had a successful first time showing at the Roanoke Valley Show! Although Angela celebrated her 13th birthday away from her family, it was well worth it. Angela and her pony Knock My Sox Off "Remy" won 4 of the 5 short stirrup hunter classes and were champion. Angela and Remy received a nice cooler and silver plate. Congrats Angela and happy birthday!
Gabi and October Sky "Dunkin" had a GREAT weekend at Roanoke. They won the WIHS medal the first day - receiving a very nice 50th anniversary ribbon and medal.
The Second day, Gabi and Dunkin went into the second round of the classic - leading with a score of an 82. Their second round score of an 81 was more than enough for her to win the pony hunter classic against 16 very lovely ponies. Congratulations Gabi!
While at the Roanoke Valley Show Amy Hofmann qualified for the USEF pony medal finals aboard Knock My Sox off. Amy and Remy also received very good ribbons in the large pony hunter division.
Gabi had a great weekend in Aiken, but she was also a super big help! She showed 4 different horses/ponies on Friday, and helped all the other girls get ready for the ring while Jenn was showing in the pre-green ring. She was reserve champion in the ponies on her pony October Sky and won the local pony medal BOTH days she showed in it. Great Job Gabi and thanks for all your help!

Alexandra Holloway also showed Dunkin in Walk-Trot and was Reserve Champion, winning the pleasure and 2nd in the undersaddle! Great job for your second show with us and your first show on Dunkin! Alexandra also showed Ivy in Walk-Trot on Sunday and won the undersaddle!

Woodland's Blessing aka Zelda, a large pony we have for sale that is ready to walk into the ring for the green larges in 2008, has been a super star! We have taken her to two shows and she has gotten top ribbons in the open hunters, local larges with Gabi (winning an over fences and second in the hack against TOP mover), and was reserve champion in the Short Stirrup Eq. (Olivia WON the eq. on the flat!!) and reserve champion in the SS hunters out of 14 with Olivia (pictured at right). This was their first horse show together! The pony was also second in the local large pony medal with Melanie Ricer on Saturday (her first time showing the pony as well).
Angela Pollex had a great weekend in Aiken with both her ponies. To end the great weekend, her pony Knock My Sox Off (pictured at left) was Champion in the Short Stirrup hunters. As a side note, with three days of showing in at least 100 degree heat, The Pollex girls had 3 ponies in Short Stirrup, and each one won the hack one day!!! Great Job girls!!

Amy Hofmann also showed up on Sunday to show 'Remy' in the ponies (as she will be showing him at pony finals) and she was reserve champion in the ponies. Thanks Amy!

Claudia's pony, Longacre Wedding Ring, AKA Gracie was the star of the weekend! Winning the SS undersaddle the first day as well as Reserve Champion TWO days in the SS eq., winning the o/f. She was also Reserve Champion in the 11 & under. To top it all off, Libby was visiting and showed Gracie in WTC two days, Libby's first time ever in WTC, and she was reserve champion the first day, taking home Champion the second day!!
Thanks to Angela and Claudia Pollex for joining us for the first and third week of the Aiken Spring Classic. Both their ponies (Knock My Soxs Off pictured below and Cherrybrook News Flash) received good ribbons in the short stirrup. Both girls also rode October Sky (pictured at right) the last day of the Finale weekend with ribbons in every class.
Ivy (owned by Caroline Tucker) was a SUPERSTAR at the PHJA midyear show. She won the Pleasure horse and pony class on Saturday as well as the Pleasure Challenge with Gabi on board on Sunday. She was also the winner of an open hunter over fences class on Saturday, and to top it all off was a great ride for Gabi to win the 15-17 eq. on the flat as well!! Great for Ivy's second show with us!
Bentley AKA IC Blue (leased from Orchard Hill Farm and Equis Investments by Alexandra Holloway) went to his first show with us. Winning a class for both Alexandra in Walk-Trot as well as with Savannah in WTC! Great job girls!
Claudia Pollex joined us for the first time on her pony 'Longacre Wedding Ring'. They had a GREAT show. Highlighted with winning the SS Eq. on the flat and 2nd o/f in the Eq. as well as winning one hunter o/f class and placing 2nd in the undersaddle. GREAT JOB!
So far this year Dunkin has been champion at two A shows at Chagrin Valley, as well as Champion at the Cupid Classic A show in Aiken. He has also received high ribbons almost every weekend! Most recently Gabi and Dunkin went to Greensboro (pictured at right). They had a great horse show! First, 2 2nds and 2 4ths in the regular larges!