Our Facilities

In February 2004, Challenger Investments, owned by Jennifer Taylor and Dennis Gehrisch, bought 28 acres of completely treed property and decided to start a private farm to raise, train and sell ponies. SORRY - WE DO NOT BOARD.

Challenger farms currently consists of 18 acres, an 8000 sq. foot heated barn, 15 12x12 stalls and 2 12x18 foaling stalls with the comfort stall flooring system, a 140 X 250 outdoor arena with a full course of horse show jumps and a round pen. The barn itself also has (heated and air conditioned) a 12X24 tack room, 12x12 feed room, a 12x12 laudry room/restroom and a 24x18 lounge/office. There are also 2 12x12 wash stalls and 2 9x12 tack stalls. Instead of automatic waterers, we opted to put a hose outside of every stall and we love it! No dragging hoses anywhere!

We have several pastures, big and small. After months of researching, Jennifer's husband, Shawn, decided what the best grass was going to be as we have to consider the broodmares most of all. That meant a high concentration of orchard grass mixed with some rye and kentucky blue grass. We currently have 5 grass paddocks, all with smaller fenced dry lots within them. Every paddock has at least one if not 2 ways to access water with as small as a 10 foot hose.

Finally, our farm has something very few have - it is family run and raised! My mom, Carole, is like no other... She is sweet to all animals, keeps the barn cleaner than most houses, and makes it a place you always love to come home to. Most barns wonder what disaster they will come home to when they go away to a show - we wonder what she will do while we are gone to make it even better - this year it was the barn decorated for Christmas while we were away at a horse show among 20 other projects! Not to mention the time we came home and all the grass was cut! My husband, Shawn, who was not a horse person 5 years ago now thinks he 'owns' more ponies than I do. More than anything he has developed an incredible eye for a beautiful pony. He has come so far as to learn to lunge ones as young as a yearling and that includes putting the bridle on. He can also stand one on the line at a horse show. He is fence repair, ring dragger, pasture and lawn care, trailer pulling man, and according to the ponies the best thing is he is TREAT MAN! Me - I am the mean one - I body clip them, ride them, pull manes, you name it! But truthfully - they know who decides what they eat. Most of all - we love it!