About Challenger Farms

Challenger Farms was started by Jennifer Taylor for no other reason than she found a niche being small enough to ride a 'small' pony, tune them up, fix them, train them and ultimately make good ponies for kids. It was evident that many people could ride and train and sell the big horses, but when searching for ponies, they either needed a serious tune-up which is why they were for sale or it just plain took a long time to find the right one.

Jennifer started riding around the age of 8, with absolutely not one family member interested in horses AT ALL. It was the love of all animals in general and the idea that you could actually communicate with them in several ways and actually ride them that got her started... not "the little girl that all she wanted was breyer horses (never had one) and a pony for Christmas". As a matter of fact her mom once said if her dad bought her a horse she would move out... well a few years after that she had 2 ponies and they built her a 3 stall barn and a small arena at their home in Waite Hill, Ohio. What did her mom do - well, now she manages Challenger Farms and was the first to actually witness a foal being born.

Fast forward 7 years and Jennifer had accomplished more than any goal she set. She qualified her small junior hunter 'Victory Channel' (pictured above) for Devon, Harrisburg, Washington and The National Horse Show. Her Childrens hunter 'Dragon Spirit' (at left) became her AHSA medal and ASPCA maclay horse and she was qualified for both by the end of February. With ribbons throughout indoors, she decided that it was time to start a career. She went to college at Miami University in Ohio and got degrees in Accounting and Finance which is what initially brought her to Charlotte, North Carolina. When she decided to get back into horses again it was hard to understand the horse world in the area. What do you mean... you have to go WHERE to go to an A or B rated show - there aren't 2 within 30 minutes every weekend???!!!

As a result she started her own barn to breed, train and sell the best kid safe ponies that are still fancy and have a good pedigree. We do show a few times a year, but prefer to be at home.