Congratulations to Ceci D'amore and Tantallon Co-Captain "Linus" on a wonderful and exciting USEF Pony Finals!! The pair finished up with an overall ribbon (19th) - doing well in all 3 phases including a top 25 in the model. Linus was also the highest scoring VPBA pony! Way to go!
~BYE-BYE MONKEY~ Challenger's Rock-n-Roan (AKA Monkey) was the first pony born at Challenger farms and because of that, the first to ever be on our home page. He gets that spot now because he will have a new home. The best thing is - we know it is THE RIGHT HOME. He turned 2 years old June 10th, and he will be loved by a 2 year old girl for years. His face and his temperment are unequalled by any pony I have had. We will all miss him! Special thanks to Whitney Carmouche (who has also purchased our Rosmel's High Roller) for the short and long talks every day since we met, as I know now that I will hear about my Monkey for as long as she has him.
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